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Creative International: This term generally refers to a company that operates internationally, engaging in various business activities across different countries. It implies a global presence and may indicate a diverse range of operations or services offered.

Creative Academy: A Creative Academy typically suggests an educational institution or training center that focuses on creative disciplines such as art, design, media, or performing arts. It could offer courses, workshops, or programs to develop skills and knowledge in creative fields.

Dhanshiri Overseas Ltd.: Unfortunately, I couldn't find any specific information about this company. It's possible that it may be a regional or industry-specific entity that operates in a particular market or sector.

High-Tech Housing Ltd.: The name "High-Tech Housing Ltd." suggests a company involved in the real estate or housing industry, with a focus on modern and technologically advanced housing solutions. They might specialize in the construction, development, or management of residential properties that incorporate innovative technologies or design elements.

Creative Export & Import: This term generally indicates a company engaged in international trade, specifically in exporting and importing goods. Such a company could be involved in sourcing products from one country and selling them in another, or it might facilitate cross-border trade for other businesses.

Creative Fashion: "Creative Fashion" typically refers to a company operating in the fashion industry. It could involve designing, manufacturing, or selling clothing, accessories, or related products. This type of company may emphasize unique and innovative designs or creative approaches to fashion.

Please note that the descriptions provided above are general interpretations based on the given names, and they may not accurately reflect the actual operations or nature of the companies you mentioned. If these companies are recent or niche entities, it would be best to refer to their official websites, business profiles, or other reliable sources for accurate and up-to-date information.